You don’t have a soul—you are a soul.

Some refer to the self as the soul. If so, we would emphasize that each of us does not possess a soul: we each are a soul. That being said, some will also refer to the soul as one’s level of morality or even one’s mission. As we seek not to confuse, we refer to the self as the living being.

Jesus and other spiritual teachers have identified that we are not these physical bodies. Some have called the nonphysical self "spirit" - as Jesus did. Some have also called the nonphysical self "soul" - as Jesus also did.

We also may refer to the self as the transcendental living being to emphasize that the living being is not within the physical or material plane. Rather the living being is accessing the physical plane.

The word "spiritual" can also be misunderstood. Spirit can be confused with the subtle physical world of ghosts, which are living beings who are still embodied within the mind and subtle physical layers, yet without gross physical bodies.

For clarity, the word "transcendental" indicates the dimension transcending these gross and subtle physical layers of the physical world: That place where we are actually ourselves.

In the preceding sections we have illustrated the science and logic to conclude the existence of the transcendental living being. We are each such a living being, existing outside of the physical dimension, and distinguishable from the physical components of the body and mind.

The physical organism - a living physical body - is only alive when it has been injected with a transcendental living being. The physical organism is thus simply a physical body animated by this living being from within.

This living being cannot be seen by the physical eyes or other sense organs because it is made of a different substance: A substance of the spiritual dimension.